Thursday, April 01, 2010


The plan yesterday was to take the A1 to High Barnet on the outskirts of London and catch the tube to Green Park.

As we came off the A1 I decided to check I had the address of the RA (even though I knew it) and to my horror I read the small print of something I'd not noticed before...all application forms must be received by 16th March. All of a sudden they weren't all that fact they were gigantic! Here I was on the 31st with an armful of paintings and no-one answering the phone at the Academy.

I'd measured and recorded them, priced them, put stickers on the back with titles along with hanging tags to match. I'd filled all of the form out along with various ticks and waivers. I'd signed and dated it. I'd protected the corners and wrapped them well...but hadn't sent the form back!

I eventually got through and told the girl I was a naughty blind artist. She took pity, laughed and told me not to worry.

Feeling a lot happier we hopped on the tube...with new glasses, paintings and not so new jeans...I was forced to wear the hat.
An hour or so later I came across this reminder...must find a toilet soon.
How come I get the biggest one to carry?
I love Fortnum & Masons large window displays...
And another...
Good old Trafalgar, looking towards Downing St. Do you notice the microphone lead going up Nelson's column so he can be heard above the traffic? He should have been a conductor! :)
The usual demonstration on their way to deaf ears...
Victoria Embankment...soon to be a splash of colour. Embassies to the right, river to the left.
A reflection...
Downing St. Do you see his taser? Outside No.10 they carry machine guns but the only shot you ever see on TV is a freezing unarmed Bobby.When I came here as a student, these gates didn't exist and I walked right up to the door for a photo. Mind you, our PM needs protecting these days. I'm hoping he'll be in for a shock soon!

BB...I cut me out of the photo. Can't compete!
Just checking the time...
Something taller than Nelson's column...
Wild horses trying to stop me going through Piccadilly.
The new build on the left caught fire just as I took this picture...the place was soon swarming with fire engines.
How come he can get away with it? I'd be arrested for sure the second I drop my pants, sprout wings and start firing arrows at passing strangers?
The Royal Academy of Arts at last...but Van Gogh beat me to it.

We queued two hours to get to see this exhibition. There's a fine art to getting people through quicker...which they do not have.

The man with the yellow top told me I could go straight through to use the toilets. As I left the queue I turned with thumbs up and shouted "So, it's okay for me to jump this queue and go straight in, yeah?" It raised a welcome laugh on a blustery cold day while standing still for long periods was no laughing matter.

No photographs allowed...but I didn't see the sign.

Dropping the paintings off at the back via Burlington Arcade was quite an experience. It was manic. We were in the middle of an 8,000+ drop-off period for all unglazed works of art.

A really good day. Thanks for your help and company Ash...and for driving!


  1. I loved these photos and I could actually imagine you getting on the train at High Barnet - waiting for a Northern Line train going via Charing Cross (not Bank) - yes, I am a Northern Line person.

    London is my home town and seeing pictures of it like this made me very happy.

    Glad you got a friendly person at the RA who waived the rules for you - I bet that would never happen in
    France; you know what sticklers they are here for things in black and white.

  2. Hi Julie
    Yes, Northern Line, then Victoria. It was a really nice experience. Glad you like the pictures.
    So, you are a Northern Line person? Does that mean you travel that line more than any other or were you born on that line?
    I think the underground is brilliant!

  3. My nearest station when I was growing up was East Finchley - about 6 down from High Barnet. I know the Northern Line and every single bus route in the area very very well. Asfor being born - that was St. John's Wood - have lived in Highate, Muswell Hill and Hampstead - so, all in all, have North London running through every fibre of my being.

    It must be nice being with the family, Ken. When are you back to Bev?

  4. Hi Julie
    I guess you are the only North London person I know. You ooze pride in the place...and so you should. It's quite a place.