Sunday, April 11, 2010

Aston Villa v Chelsea FA Cup Semi-Final at Wembley.

We had great fun yesterday. Jon opted to drive and this time we headed for Stanmore tube station. The parking was  £1 for the entire day...incredible!

A few pictures...

Jon ready to go. We returned to this station for the match later on.

The 'Tweed' period run...There were hundreds of them on all types of cycles. A fantastic spectacle. I liked this woman who was smoking a pipe...too many photos to choose from.
Jon on art...
Back here again. Can you spot me?

Loads of demonstrations as usual...

Enjoyed a chat with this artist...David Pilgrim. If you click on his blog you'll see how the painting turned out. Jon and I played a few pranks on this bridge like posing as officials and preventing tourists from taking photos without a permit.
This is what David was painting. I snapped this because I will be doing the same hopefully.

There were dozens of interesting people doing all kinds of things.
Countless statue-like people...
The mechanics of the London Eye...
Part of a fairground ride.

Jon on the underground with arm raised
Body piercing extremes...

This dance couple were incredible...the video is hilarious but I don't know how to post it. Jon looking on.

I would have liked to have taken a photo on the tube to the match, but it was crammed with supporters...very loud supporters who couldn't hear me shouting my team.

Almost there...
Kick off...
The atmosphere inside Wembley is breathtaking. Both the teams in London that I was supporting lost...Villa here and Sunderland playing just down the road at West Ham.But I was pleased to see this during made me feel at home.

A fantastic day overshadowed only by my losing my mobile phone somewhere in London.

Imagine my surprise when later in the evening after Jon had dropped me, off I heard my ringtone and found the phone upstairs in the bathroom. Jon had found my phone in London and smuggled it onto the bathroom shelf just before leaving for home after a drink.

He's far too much like me.


  1. London looks fascinating! Would love to visit someday! I'm glad your phone was retrieved. I lost my car keys the other day within about 20 paces. Suppose Jon could use his skills to find them?

  2. Some great photos here Ken (as well as knowing Barnet station I also know Stanmore station because an aunt of mine used to live in the area). All these London suburbs you are getting to know!

    I bet you must have been astonished to hear your phone ringing.

  3. Hi Randi
    It IS a fascinating city and I really hope you manage a visit. By the way, Jon isn't your man to find the keys...he'd make you suffer for a long, long time like he did me. Have you found them yet? Do you have spares?

    Hi Julie
    Yes, I'm planning quite a few visits this year to discover other areas. You come from quite a place. It certainly is alive and buzzing.
    With regard to the phone...I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It just didn't seem possible.

  4. Well, since I have been suffering a long time (does since last Thursday count?) can I assume that Jon has them? Luckily I had a spare but...I think my neighbor's friend stole them. Can't be my fault.

  5. Hi Randi
    You know what they say when you begin to lose your keys! Oh dear!