Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thank you

Thanks for registering a vote for the RA selection either in person or on the blog. I'm compelled to say you all have excellent taste :)

The results are...
No.1 = 12 votes.
No.2 = 11 votes.
No.3 = 2 votes
No.4 = 11 votes.
No.5 = 3 votes.

2+4 tie so my casting vote goes to No.4...mainly because I have a frame for it and I don't have two large frames (1+2 are large).  so it's 1 and 4 that get to go. I just hope one of them is selected after all this trouble. Thank you so much.

Other good news today...
My son has got tickets for us to see the FA Cup Semi-Final between Aston Villa and Chelsea and Bev's sister in law has got tickets for the whole family to go to Belton House on Friday. With a good day hoped for in London tomorrow, I feel pretty lucky.


  1. Well even though I didn't vote for No. 1 it was lovely - in fact they all show you as an accomplished painter and I really really hope that the judges at the RA agree with our excellent taste.

    Good news about all the tickets.

    I saw your comment on Molly's page about the meaning of life. Is this the Mormon ideology - your knowledge will save me doing a google check. Oh, did you tell people you had finally seen the Killers on that Youtube clip I put (with Brandon Flowers, the singer, being Mormon I thought it might be of special interest for you

  2. Yay! I agreed with the majority - not sure if that's a good or bad thing....in this instance, it's good. Good luck!

  3. Fingers crossed for you, they would all look great on someones wall. I hope that you enjoy the trip to London. Best wishes Blu

  4. Thanks Julie. You are too kind and yes, let's hope one gets through.
    It is Mormon doctrine for certain. Be sure to ask a Mormon before being totally confused with what non-Mormons write. Or at least allow for a balance view after reading such articles. We don't bite! Well, not all of the time, at least.
    No, I didn't make mention on my blog about The Killers, but I enjoyed listening to them and enquired if the family knew. They did.

    Hi Jo
    You see, you have great taste in matters of all things oil.

    Thanks Blu. I've decided to re-paint the chimney breast and put one up on OUR wall. I hope Bev takes kindly to it. The last time I mentioned re-decorating the living room, she warned me not to even think of it. There could be fireworks later!
    The London trip was excellent.