Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Politics everywhere

I've opted today to spend time looking at the political landscape. The colours are confusing.   Blue isn't blue and red isn't red as far as I can see. Am I going colour-blind? The picture isn't clear. The lines are blurred. Perhaps I need to brush up on the main points again. Hue will get my vote?

The concern I have is that there isn't a blank canvas to create a masterpiece...the base colour is already muddy, lifeless and mirky. Nothing is fresh, vibrant or optimistic. We need better models. From whom or where can we draw hope? Where do we Gaugin from here?

Such is the art of British politics...sketchy at best and framed in half truths and broken promises. They are making a right exhibition of themselves.

They are worth hanging though...if you get my drift. (I had to modify my previous comment in case they were onto me.)

Okay, I'm feeling blue at the moment but it could be worse...tomorrow I could be Brown.


  1. You tickled my funny bone with "Where do we Gaugin from here?" Good one, Mr. Artist Man! :)

  2. It's Hobson's Choice I reckon - they are all as bad as each other and I don't trust any of them. Just as well I don't have a UK vote any more

  3. Actually Julie, I was quite impressed with Nick Clegg last night...he strikes me as being sincere and a force to be reckoned with...talked a lot of sense.

    Hi Randi
    Glad to have brought a smile to an already smiling face.

    When you opt to live in France do you give up voting rights? What else do you lose?