Thursday, April 15, 2010


The sat-nav guided me magnificently to 7-Dental for 9:00am. I'd been driving since 7:40am trying to beat the rush-hour and was pleased to find a parking space within a two minute walk of their plush waiting room.

I was to end up horizontal in the 14th and last of the theatres trying to communicate with a foreign surgeon...but trusting her implicitly. I'd been here before, which is why I was prepared to travel. They are the most up to date dental surgery I can possibly hope for and thoroughly professional.

It was a bloody but painless affair thanks to two enormous needles filled with comfort. I can't say it was a pleasant experience because it took forty-five minutes to extract (I rarely give things away without a struggle). I left with clenched teeth over blood-soaked pad crammed into a black hole.

Next stop was the small studio workshop of a stained-glass artist. I mumbled what I wanted and hope that I pick up what I thought I was communicating.

Complaint Number 1...
Why are we expected to pay £7.50 for EACH item on a prescription? This is daylight robbery but it was so funny to see Bev hold up a long queue to question it. 'Why should I pay £7:50 for Ibuprofen when I see it there on your shelf for less than £3, and why should I pay the same for mouthwash when I can buy one get one free for £2? They were nodding in agreement behind her. "We'll just have the amoxicillin thank you".

When the pharmacist came to us with the package and asked me to confirm my address, I turned to Bev, pretended to be senile and asked her where I live ....did I say pretend?

Why do they feel the need to have an address confirmed when anyone can walk unchallenged into a chemist and pay less over the counter? Pretty soon we'll have to show our passport in order to buy bread and milk. Actually, can you get amoxicillin over the counter, probably not?

Complaint Number 2...
Our new passports have arrived. Why do we have to renew it every ten years when we have a driving licence with the same information for life?

Other news...
Tonight is the very first live TV political debate between the three main parties. I'm eager to see it. Perhaps they'll have something to say about prescription charges.

Martin skyped me a few hours ago. They are stuck in SLC because of the volcano-dust and have no idea when they can fly home. They are planning a trip to San Francisco if it's prolonged into next week. I hear that the volcano is even more violent since the eruption so unless the wind direction changes, they'll get their wish... but will be unable to see anything.

I think this is the first time Martin has been grounded since leaving home.


  1. No Dad you can't get amoxicillin over the counter but make sure you take all of it or you may need a second course of the stronger stuff and another £7.50. Oh and sorry to break it to you but your driving licence doesn't last for life, you have to update the photo every 10 years at a cost of £20. Just discovered that when I hired the van and was told that mine expires in July!!!! If it's any comfort I whole heartedly agree. I've had to fill in more paper work for our trip to France than I did for both Canada trips. So much for the European union.

  2. Hi Juli
    You sound just like your mum when she said "Make sure you take the whole course". It wasn't instruction, it was a warning.
    Thanks for the news about the driving licence...I think! What is the world coming to? What else will they find to effectively relieve us of our hard earned cash?

    All set for France then?

  3. My paper licence is just until I'm 70 - it's not for life, well not unless I depart this earth before then (I'll join in the Rapture crowd).

    Sorry to hear about your teeth.

    Out here you just pay for the cost of the medicine, there is no set charge for an item. But you probably knew that already, you Francophile you.

  4. Hi Julie
    You'd be surprised at what I don't know.
    The licence up to to is easily updated I understand / hope. I won't have to take another test, I just have to have a doctor confirm I'm okay to drive. I might be wrong on this.

    It was only one tooth Julie...a molar!