Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A drop of the red stuff...no laughing matter.

All of my fingernails are free of blood-blisters at last. I was proud to raise my un-blackened middle finger of the right hand to show Kirsty sitting opposite me. She raised her eyebrows and suggested I was being rude. An innocent mistake I swear. Never even crossed my mind.

On the subject of blood and pain...

Both Kirsty and I were giving blood today. It was her first time and I lost no ground in making her think the needle was at least a foot longer than it was. I was fortunate to be entering the mobile unit just as she was about to lay on the couch. I could see see was worried a little, so I decided to relent...then re-group with a final reminder of just how painful it was. For some reason the two nurses took sides and left me feeling as if I was being a little cruel...as if!

It took five minutes and three seconds to get the blood out of her and they decided to make a competition out of it. It took ten full minutes for me, but it has to be said that the equipment wasn't functioning properly after Kirsty had had her turn. I reflected on this afterwards as I chomped on custard creams, chocolate bourbons and shortbread biscuits while washing them all down with orange juice.

I enjoyed the chat with the jovial nurses and found out that one of them had lost her wedding ring and will be spending their anniversary in Cornwall where they were married...to buy another. It's amazing what you can find out in just a couple of minutes.

Like last year, I was a little shocked at the personal questions asked before being allowed to give blood-a sad reflection on today's society.

I'm glad it's all over. I do not like needles and, as usual, I was able to mask this fact by making light of it.


  1. I've never given blood I'm afraid. The sight of it turns my stomach and I have been known to throw up during blood tests. The thing is that a few years ago out here I suddenly felt very guilty about never having done this easy vital thing and inquired about it in France. Do you know we Brits are not allowed to give blood to the French sytem because of that (spelling alert) Jacob Creutzsfeld disease - the mad cow thing. Out of the window went all my good intentions.

    You did good, Ken. (I love Custard Creams)

  2. "I enjoyed the chat with the jovial nurses and found out that"... sounds familiar & interesting" Ken - Its comforting within that you are giving something back to the society! In fact, few years back, while giving blood, it occurred to me - will a part of "me" remain - after am gone! Am yet to figure out!

  3. Custard creams and bourbons! My favourite biscuits and non-gettable here in SW France. Almost worth giving some blood for, and well done you for donating as you did.

  4. Hi Julie, yes, I think you mentioned that before about our blood not being good enough. Makes my blood boil!

    Hi Raj
    If its in our body for so long then I think it's reasonable to suggest that a physical part of us will remain if we give it away...along with a few other bits perhaps.

    Vera...I only did it for the custard creams!