Saturday, April 24, 2010

Storm clouds?

It was a big day at the 'Weathering the Storms of Life' exhibition. David and I took care of two workshops and we had good fun. It went well but it's tiring. I was wiped out for a while when I got home.

Next Saturday we are walking the three peaks in Yorkshire. That'll be even more tiring. These Saturday's soon get snapped up.

Tomorrow it will have been exactly a year since Martin ran the London Marathon. I hope the weather is as good because we are off to Leeds in the afternoon to see Austin and will probably end up in the garden.

Saw an adult goldfinch feeding in our garden this morning. I'm getting quite interested in birds (must be getting old).

I'm now thinking about the storms of life. For me there doesn't appear to be any on the horizon. Long may it continue to be the case, but if they do suddenly appear I hope I have the energy, friends, attitude and resources to cope with them.


  1. ... but if they do suddenly appear I hope I have the energy, friends, attitude and resources to cope with them''so well said Ken - always nice to go through your notes. We all figure out our ways to cultivate energy, friends, attitude and resources that help us sail through. One of the steps that has helped me over the years is to keep in touch!

  2. I hope any storms are a long way away for you, for us and for all bloggers I know

  3. Hi Raj
    Wise words, but not always the easiest thing to achieve. I find it particularly hard.

    Perhaps you have a few pointers?

  4. Hi Julie
    I guess we can't all be protected from the elements but I side with you on this one...mainly because I don't think I'm quite ready for them.

  5. I'm noticing birds more these days too. I guess I'm getting old (or is it more appreciative of all the beauty around :)

    Ken, thanks so much for your kind, encouraging words on my latest post. I truly appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with me. It is a beautiful world out there. I'm always happy to find wonderful bloggers to share this journey. Enjoy your day!

  6. Ah but the 'storms of life' make the sunshine times even better! Hope you have a good walking trip in Yorkshire, and hope no storms come along to soak you!

  7. Hi Septembermom and welcome. Now I'm stuck for words...see what you've done!

    Hi Vera
    I'm hoping the storms come so I can call it off. The last time I walked solid for anything near 12 hours was 1974.