Thursday, April 22, 2010

All is well

Desperate people leave babies on doorsteps. Some leave friendship hampers or little presents. We found this on our doorstep this morning...
Strange eh! It's new and unopened. Why us?

Seeing everything pop up in the garden is inspiring...
We have tulips all over the place
Cherry pear trees blossoming...
An auricula I didn't even know we had.

The transplanted cherry survived

Life is too short...I'm kicking Piaf into touch. She may have an incredible voice. She may have sung with passion, but the author is just too dry and crams the book with too many facts. It's for anoraks really.

We sang 'Happy Birthday' to Austin this morning.

Juli called me mid-brushstroke and it was good to hear her voice. Martin skyped me mid-brushstroke to say he was off to Paradise (that's nice!) He'll try and find Hanna Middleton Hawkey's final resting place and take a photo for me.

Watched the second Prime Minister's Debate and think Cameron is a bigger gamble than Clegg. Brown was stronger than last week but people should remember that he's had thirteen years and is only just beginning to make promises. I don't trust him, although on the economy he has an authoritative voice.

I know it's strange, but even before I opened my eyes this morning, I mouthed these words..."I've concluded that a painting is completed a long time after it's finished".  I then I said..."Or should that be a painting is finished a long time after it's completed?" I think it was on my mind that I still work on paintings long after the paint has dried.

Finally, the fish! Alive and well and thriving on neglect.


  1. Your garden is very pretty, Ken. What's the wiggly wire thing in the first picture? And who left limescale remover - it really is most odd.

    I wish I retained my UK voting rights - I didn't bother to fill in the forms to renew them. Mr Clegg could have had our two votes then (and don't forget Mark Oaten got into the Winchester seat by just two votes!).

    As for paintings - I used to watch Water Colour Challenge and apparently most people carry on with their pictures much longer than they need to.

  2. What a lovely garden. You must work very hard on it - gardens like this don't happen by themselves. Well done.

  3. Hi Julie
    Thanks! The wiggly this is to support things that grow up it. It's quite clever and it works. It's true what they say about carrying on with paintings...quite often I take two steps back.

    Hi Jean
    I wish I could take all the praise but I only cut the grass...and the flowers. Bev does all the hard work.