Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Standing out.

I think people have to stand out for me to remember their names. If they are outrageous, funny or cantankerous then there is no problem. Bibi Hughes is all three.

Bibi started here the same time as me a number of years ago. Every morning and afternoon for our induction we enjoyed over-the-top role play. From our original group there is only fingerless Linda still here (two fingers from her right hand lost to an industrial bread slicing machine)...unless I'm wrong and they all still work here but aren't outrageous, funny or cantankerous enough to be remembered by name.

This morning I heard Bibi shout my name and ask if I was feeling strong. She was trying to unscrew a milk carton top. "Yes, I can do that", I said. After five minutes I was forced to give up along with any thought of chivalry  or helping maidens in distress. I was pathetic and handed it to Andy...remembered by his long pony tail, and told him it was his big chance to impress. It took him less than a minute. He is bigger than me!

I suppress the urge at this point to blurt out a modern-day packaging rant.

Kirsty inspected my lunch-box...again I suppress the urge to share why she ended up blue in the face and tears streaming down her cheeks with laughter. I don't see anything funny with a freshwater prawn pasta with an accompanying fruit selection, but have to say laughter is contagious and I found myself laughing with her though perhaps not for the same reason.

I was proud of myself for not succumbing to a lollipop but noted it's location in case I'm not so strong tomorrow.

Wasn't it a beautiful sunny day today! It's a pity that the air conditioning wasn't working and we all sat at our computers shivering to death.

I thought a lot about France today. It's getting closer!


  1. Hi Ken just catching up with your blog, great photos in London and lovely flower painting. A cold north wind has been blowing here in Brittany!

  2. I suppose the words 'lunch box' must have meant a lot of stifled giggles. Do you prepare your lunch, Ken, or does Bev get it ready for you?

    As for modern packaging- I feel so sorry for old people with arthritic fingers. Sometimes getting something open is like doing battle.

  3. Hi Blu
    Thanks. I hope the north wind will have blown itself out by May 19th leaving us with lovely holiday weather. All my planned jobs are outside.

    Hi Julie
    We generally prepare lunch together. I know what you mean about old people struggling...I am one!