Saturday, April 03, 2010


Before I forget again, congratulations to Martin & Sarah who have been trying for a first child for years now...pregnant at last! 

Martin & Sarah are in Utah at the moment but Jon & Serene, Juli & Chris and Ash & Amber joined us for a few days with their families...and what a few days! We've had a great time!

Apart from just enjoying being with them, I also loved standing in the room where the broadcast of King Edward abdicating as a result of his love for Mrs Simpson, was received (actually, everyone with a wireless received it). Also seeing the other rooms that they occupied in Belton House as guests of the owner. I find this sort of thing absolutely riveting. I've always loved looking at things, being where others have been and experiencing things that others-who have long since passed away-experienced too.

The highlight of today was listening to the last twenty minutes of the Sunderland v Spurs game. The man they sold to us last year scored two goals and missed two penalties. We also had a goal disallowed but eventually won 3-1. It was a magnificent result and worthy of mention. I don't expect you to share my enthusiasm here. 

Actually, this is perhaps a good time to register my surprise as how many responded to  FF's post about netiquette.

my position on the subject is clear...just in case anyone is interested.

1. I would hope that no-one feels obliged to respond to anything I've posted here. I write because it's my daily journal (even though I don't write daily of late). I would expect most of what I post to be so mundane as to negate the need to comment anyway. If you like what I write then fine! If you don't like what I write then fine! I will think absolutely no less of anyone who regularly do leave comments but choose not to for whatever reason.

2. I would genuinely hope that any visitors to this blog will not be upset if I do not reciprocate. I don't always leave comments because I don't always have time, and when I do have the time the post may not warrant a response. Anyway, it may be not be all that interesting...I'm unlikely to comment on handbags and the like, am I? Many times I read but don't respond and other times the interest isn't there for me to even contemplate commenting. Also, as is the case with Molly P, there may be a fault with the site which prevents anyone from being able to read or leave comment even if they wanted to.

3. By all accounts I have always been a bit unusual...a square peg in a round hole type of person. I've always felt ill at ease with feeling constrained or made to conform or follow any sort of etiquette...even if I do. I wish to retain the right to freely write and respond as I feel the need to. Having said that, I consider myself to be inoffensive or malevolent in any way (Politics and politicians aside).

There you go... the 1,2 and 3 of my own shade of etiquette which may or may not be shared by visitors here.


  1. I absolutely echo your thoughts about netiquette. Including commenting about handbags! I sometimes can write because the words or response come into my head, other times I read, enjoy, and move on. I hope people do the same for my blog as well. I would hate people to think they have to leave a comment. So, hope you continue to ejoy the Easter hols, and God bless.

  2. "I consider myself to be inoffensive or malevolent in any way ..." most certainly Ken - fully supportive of your views & appreciative of your notes. Warmly

  3. I was also surprised to see so many comments on my netiquette post - it ranks up there with my post about my dad being in 'Carry on up the Khyber'.

    I don't want to go over old ground agan (oh, ok then) but the reason I felt miffed was because this particular person had not bothered to put her mark on my blog for lots of articles, but had bothered to respond to every one else. I felt excluded and slighted - and, if I am honest, hurt.

    I didn't mean my remarks to be aimed at anyone who has a busy life - working, families etc. This particular blogger has all the time in the world and in fact spends most of her day on the net. I feel quite legitimate with my 'complaint' and in fact would do it all over again

    (puts soap box away)

  4. I also always try and leave a comment on any blog I have read - I would never read and then just move on to something else. I've spent time reading something this person has put - what harm is a 'I've enjoyed this, thanks' ?

    But we all do things in different ways and I would never dream of saying my way was best.

  5. Hi All
    Thank you so much for your thoughts, comments and support. The Easter break was busier than I thought and I virtually blocked out my normal routine of blog etiquette.