Monday, April 05, 2010

Robert Brault

I must make mention of a DVD that I saw recently and would normally not have considered watching. We watched it on Blu-ray (belonging to our son and housed with us while they are in America). It took us completely by surprise. Star Trek. Highly recommended. You won't be disappointed. Go on, treat yourself and get the pop-corn popping.

Yesterday was Bev's side of the family get-together although it didn't get underway until the evening. It was good to see Guy and Esme...haven't seen them in years. A good evening.

Paul (Bev's brother) rang me today to apologise for anything he may have said that could have been offensive. He'd had a few (not too many) and was concerned his comments about religion (brought up by a fellow drinker) may have been perceived as being directed at me. He need not have been concerned. I put him at ease and thanked him for providing entertainment in the form of his trying to clear a three-foot fence whilst under the influence and failing in a monumentally funny way. We get on fine!

Today has been strange. I've wasted a few hours doing nothing in particular. Cleared the garden a little more and considered what I'd like to achieve for the rest of the year and how I might accomplish it. I've also read my book, thought about some conference talks, sorted paperwork and drafted the next post for 'Destination Brittany'. Actually, I've done quite a lot now that I'm thinking about it.

In conclusion, I was sad to hear that Robert Brault has brought to an end his glittering blogging escapades. His posts will be missed by everyone fortunate enough to have made his acquaintance, experienced his wit, stood in awe of his talent and appreciated his empathy and wisdom in replying to comments. It has been a great year Robert.

From just one of your many fans...a sincere thank you!


  1. Ken,
    Thanks. It means a lot coming from you, a person of enormous good will and an artistic talent to match. I look forward to many visits here.

  2. Whenever you say you've not done much you then always list so much that I end up feeling a bit guilty that I am the laziest person around. I kept saying I would go out weeding when the weather was better and now look - the sun is out, it's warm and I've still not deadheaded much of last summer's flowers.

  3. Hi Robert
    You are very welcome here...especially when you have such nice things to say.

    Hi Julie
    I haven't deadheaded ANY flowers from last year...or the years before that!

  4. I am sad to see Robert stop blogging as well and hope to see him around...on your blog, for instance!


  5. Hi Sue
    Luckily he has had a re-think.
    It was good of you to drop by. Thanks.