Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dead or alive?

We were herded into buses and ferried to some conference centre hotel type place twenty minutes away to listen to a load of corporate drivel. Within two hours we were back at our desks to consider how motivated we now were.  That's all I want to say on the matter and leave the reader to determine if the writer feels motivated sufficient to shout for joy.

I sigh and get on with life and note how nice the weather is, albeit with a slight chill in the air.

KenG and Derek dropped by just as I was talking to Martin on skype. They have been scheduled to fly on Sunday but this represents bad news for the fish who will have been without food for a week by the time they arrived home on Monday afternoon. The holiday automatic feeder didn't take volcanic dust into account.

We have the task of trying to save them tomorrow evening but first we have to prise the house key from a neighbour who has never actually seen us. Martin left the key with them but neglected to take their phone number with him.  If they are fish lovers, we are in. I don't mind fish but I'm not prepared to give them the kiss of life. If they are floating it'll be a quick snack for the nearest kitty. If they aren't floating we'll change the filter, install another holiday automatic feeder and beat a hasty retreat. It'll be a new experience for us. Can't wait!

Guess what was for tea tonight?


  1. Fish? You are having fish for tea tonight? We are having fish for lunch! As to the corporate experience: thanks for reminding me that there is another world to which I no longer belong. Sometimes it is useful to have old memories resurected, just so one can remember to count one's blessings.
    Hope the fish are still swimming and not in a state of deceasement!

  2. Oh I hope the fish are ok. they might eat your fingers when you put the food in

  3. Hi Vera
    No, it wasn't fish, but I couldn't resist putting that in.
    I know it's hard doing what you are doing, but I really do wish I was doing the dame.

    Hi Julie
    I didn't actually feed them, Bev did...but they were very hungry.