Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unexpected pleasure

We were with Jon & Serene barely two minutes when we had surprise guests...Juli & Chris and the gang. Chris had read my blog and saw we were going to Leeds so they made the journey too from the Sunderland end. It's a 90 minutes drive either way.

Hi Hollie, can I borrow you a minute?
That's better! Bev usually tells me off.
Hi Juli, can I borrow you a minute?
Perhaps not.

Aimee and Emm playing...
Austin, Anna-Belle and Great Grandma
Austin and Danny the better half of Jon.
Serene, due Wednesday...

Serene was telling us that she's been so sick during this pregnancy. She was driving recently and was unable to stop in just all came out while driving and she had to carry on. How funny is that? Another time she was on a bus and hadn't anything to catch it in other than by cupping her scarf. That was even more funny.

So glad I'm a man. I've had some pretty spectacular vomits in my time though.


  1. Lovely family photos Ken, and just to add to the 'vomit' subject: My six month old son sicked up the entire contents of his dinner all over me when I was sitting in the passenger seat of the car enroute to a party. I couldn't do anything but sit in the stickiness! And go home! He's now in his late 30's.

  2. Memories! I can almost smell that even after almost 40 years.
    I once held Juli as a baby at arms length above me as I lay on my back and she was sick into my open mouth.

    Hi Julie
    Thanks, but Aimee actually took most of them. Beginners luck or budding talent?

  3. Glad you think it's funny - I can't think of anything worse! Poor Serene. Guess she can laugh about it now.

    Lovely pictures - you have a steadily increasing number of grandchildren, & they're so cute!!

  4. Come on Jo, it was funny!
    The baby is due tomorrow and I bet she's been sick a few times since Sunday.

    Yes, they're growing in numbers and keeping me young.