Thursday, April 08, 2010

Auto pilot.

Thoroughly enjoyed painting and intended to post today's efforts. I'd forgotten that it was my responsibility to make the evening meal so I had to dash and in the end didn't have time to post it. Everything was just perfect and ready for when Bev walked through the door. The phone rang. "I'll be ten minutes late", she said. Almost one hour later she walked through the door...she'd been stuck in traffic. All those times I was longer than ten minutes late for tea came to my mind. I've come to realise that just five minutes makes a difference when you are preparing food. Keeping it just perfect after fifteen minutes is harder than preparing it in the first place. She must have been furious with me all those years. What an idiot I was not to realise what a difference it makes. Sorry Bev, for all the times I said I'll be a little late only to turn up at least twenty minutes later.

I then had to dash out for a meeting.

When I arrived back home I realised that I'd done it again. I'd managed to drive home on auto-pilot. I had no recollection of going around islands, stopping at junctions or waiting at traffic lights, yet I'd arrived home safely...thank goodness!

I'd love to know how that works.


  1. What did you make for her? I love hearing people's dinner or lunch menus.

  2. Ken: That was a very touching post. I think it touched me because I have tried many many times to keep dinner "perfect" while waiting for someone who is later than expected. The fact that you internalized your experience and understood how Bev must have felt, made it all the better.

    As far as driving on auto-pilot, that is a scary experience. Not while it's happening, but when you think back and realize that your life happened without you even being "there." Our minds are crazy things.

  3. Hi Julie
    I did a simple bed of savoury rice topped with halved mushrooms, sliced red, yellow and green peppers and crowned with chicken.
    The rice was done to perfection...not too soggy or dry. To keep it warm I topped the plate with another and placed it on top of a boiled pan of water. It was the only thing I could think of.
    As we haven't had a rice dish for a while, she really enjoyed it.

    Hi Randi
    Thank you. You make me sound more thoughtful than I really am, although I am getting better.
    As far as being on auto-pilot is concerned, they say that you are totally relaxed as well as being alert. Apparently you are as safe as you can be. If that's true, then perhaps I should do it more often.
    I agree with you though...scary!