Monday, April 12, 2010

Our big night.

Work was routine and bland today. It does happen from time to time and all you can do is put your head down and work away.
It was Sky-Sports Dave's last day of work on Friday and the 'Good Luck' banners, balloons and empty seat remained as a visual reminder that time marches on.  I think I'll miss him.

I love the way Bev brushes olive oil and sprinkles ground black pepper on the jacket potatoes before putting them in the oven. They are so tasty and just perfect for the likes of me who battle against a changing shape. Actually, it's more like a skirmish, but I still need to end up on the winning side.

It's official! We are responsible for a special little package for the very first time tonight...along with elephant, teething rings, caterpillar, a bag full of noises, fat plastic coloured rings, bangles, flashing lights and mirror. Everything but a dummy, pacifier or whatever people call them nowadays. Every item so far has made it to her mouth. Here she is...
My camera cannot cope with artificial light. Amber has left her newly acquired Nikon D5000 for me to have a play with. I'm trying hard not to be covetous. I bet it takes super indoor pictures.

Time to play...Edith first!


  1. She's gotten so big! How old is she now? She sure is a little cutie. I hope your time together is special.

  2. Oh she is absolutely gorgeous, Grandpa Ken. You must have had a lovely time being with her without parental supervision.

  3. I don't do children, but one like this would be fun to tickle, I expect !!

    Very sweet !!

  4. Hi Randi
    She's 6 months and after an hour turned into a gremlin. was good while it lasted...then I was very glad of parental supervision.

    Hi Jean
    After a weekend I think we would agree with you...but then after a little siesta we are up for it again.

  5. You are right of course...she's absolutely gorgeous and we are already looking forward to the next time.