Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I asked Kirsty if there was any news from last week. She said there wasn't. Then I found out the following...
  • Scott is leaving the team
  • We have a new starter
  • We will receive a performance related bonus payment this year
  • We'll get a pay rise for the first time in two years
  • There are new processes in place from today
Now, I think that's quite a LOT of news from just Thursday and Friday.

Our new starter is Danielle. I spent the day training her and she's very sharp. I think she'll do well and deserves a break. She's had a bit of a tough time of late in terms of employment.

I'm  now the only male on the team. Outnumbered again!

Bird-watch...Greenfinch and Great-Tit on our feeder table this morning.

Starting to get excited about going to France...just over three weeks away.

Welcome back to Martin & Sarah who think there is nothing quite like England and being home again.


  1. You'd love my mum's place in Galway - they're in the middle of nowhere, and their bird feeder is constantly crowded with all kinds of finches and tits. Loads of gold finches and coal tits particularly, neither of which I'd ever seen before I was over there.

    She has a feeder outside her bedroom windown (about 2 feet from her face), and every morning she lies in bed, watching them feed and fight over the seeds. They have become used to her, so she can move about and get right up to the window if she wants to!

  2. Hi Jo
    It sounds idyllic. I think I would like it. I enjoy watching birds enjoying the garden as much as we do.