Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Heads or tails?

Last night we were at Ash & Ambers for a meal and wallpaper stripping. Tonight it's total relaxation.

I can't seriously be called a football fanatic, but I've been so looking forward to tonight. It's ManU v Bayern Munich and nothing will tempt me away from a first half on our telly and a second half on MIL's telly. I've things to do but they'll just have to wait.

It's half-time and what a game!  3-1 (4-3 agg.) If you aren't watching it, you are missing out. Well, okay...I know there are more important things in life but right now my mind is blank.

My head says that Bayern will pinch another precious away goal to win it on aggregate, but my heart wants United to finish 4-1.

It's full-time and my head wins as United leave the field with tails between their legs.


  1. I saw it was on but couldn't have given two hoots about it. I will start to watch footie when the World Cup is on though.

  2. Hi Julie
    Indifference is not what football is about. How can you just switch on to it because it's the World Cup? It's like me suddenly taking an interest in Coronation Street because some specific event is going to happen.
    This sounds like criticism but it's merely an attempt to find out what it is that makes someone like something they don't normally like :)

  3. I can answer that one, Ken. Patriotism. The World Cup is about so much more than football. :)

  4. Well that shuts me up! Thanks Jo.