Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A pretty decent day

They were hiding in the dark and huddled together as if such a cowardly and pathetic act would protect or save them. It was futile to resist. The attack was decisive and indiscriminate. Call me violent and callous but I don't think I'm alone when it comes to tearing them apart and taking particular pleasure in ripping their heads off.

Snap! At the exact time that I write 'ripping their heads off', Bev mentions someone on TV that has just ripped someone's head off. How about that! She wouldn't believe me and had to come to the computer to see for herself.

Such will always be the fate of Jelly Babies unfortunate enough to be in my possession. I must have polished off an entire generation today.

Amber took her 'Life in the UK' exam today. It was a 45 minute expensive 'rip-off' type of exercise that took her six minutes to complete even allowing time to read through and check mistakes. What if she failed...will they send her back to the States and leave her baby and husband here? I can understand the relevance of this exam for some, but not for an American who has married,  has a family and has worked and lived here this past few years. /she already had to pay a small fortune when she arrived and she will soon have to pay a small fortune to have the move 'rubber-stamped' and made permanent.

It raises the temperature in me when I place this type of struggle and anguish against illegal immigrants who pay nothing yet enjoy so much. Keep calm Ken, breathe deeply!

Anyway, I was determined to learn something new today and stay positive.

What did I learn? I learned that Danielle doesn't mind me calling her Dani. I learned that I can turn a 45 minute wait for a meal into a positive experience if I put my mind to it.  The meal was my reward for narrowly beating Bev over two games of bowling tonight. Three strikes in a row sealed her fate. I punched the air as if I'd scored the winning goal at the world Cup Final.

I also learned the Jose Mourinho really is special. I sat with MIL for 45 minutes to see Inter stave off Barcelona to reach the Champions League Final. Jose is a nutter but I can't help liking him at times. My MIL is a nutter but I can't help liking her at times too.

Now I have 45 minutes of relaxation before a much longer horizontal spell in that there bed upstairs which beckons will be my final act of a pretty decent day.


  1. Glad you had good day, Ken. I find that focussing on the positives staves off all those horried niggly thoughts which spoil my pleasure in life. And being aware of learning new things, even little things like waiting for a meal, makes one feel forever young in one's mind.

  2. Hi Vera
    Negativity is pretty destructive and you are right, there's no need for it if you focus on the positive. Thanks for the reminder.