Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Danielle didn't arrive on time and I thought she'd had enough and decided to call it a day so to speak. I was beginning to think I overwhelmed her with work. As it happens she turned up and is fine.

I've spent the whole evening sorting photos out...all 8,250 of them. I think it was worth it even though the job isn't finished yet.

Time to have a break.


  1. Photos! I am also sorting out photos, Ken, and it is taking me an age! Which to delete from my PC, which to keep. Crikey but it does my head in. Hope your task is not so hard, and that you are nowhere near as indecisive as me.

  2. That is a lot of photos. Hope it's an interesting and pleasant task for you :)

  3. Hi Vera
    I haven't got to the delete process yet. All I was doing was putting them into categories. I'm taking it to France with me for that part...ideal when there's no TV or internet. I'm really pleased we are of the digital age and have masses to choose to keep or scrap.

    Hi Septembermom
    It's interesting and pleasant...for the first hour or so. I should have been more organised in the first place. I'm okay with it though and looking forward to getting on top of it.