Monday, December 07, 2009

We hear you loud and clear...

On Saturday I listened to a Sky Sports National Television football round-up and all of a sudden Dave Bracegirdle gave a report on-air.  I couldn't believe my ears.  Was this upbeat, enthusiastic, knowledgable, powerful and professional person that the whole nation was listening to, the same as the complaining, sarcastic, self opinionated, moody, rude and arrogant renegade, loose cannon of a person I work with?  The answer is yes!

I know it sounds bad but I mirror the very same characteristics yet am considered a valuable team member and even he is. Yes, I actually like him and now that I've heard him on-air I think he is one of the very best sports commentators this country has on offer.

Like me, he mercifully doesn't display all of these negative traits at the same time, but I can't help but conclude that it's the company we work for as opposed to those we work with that brings the worst out of us.

We have been known to smile and even be nice, courteous, cheery, cheeky and-dare I say it- helpful, but it's difficult to sustain such radiance when we're chained to our desks the way we are and worked to near death (dramatic enough?).

We've pressed our case for remuneration due to the ever-expanding nature of our work which saves the company millions but as yet and unlike us, the corridors of power are silent.

That's life!  Anyway, at least we have a job!

Oh, welcome to Blu...a blogger extraordinaire and the very first blog I read...well, it may have been the second but certainly the first to inspire me.


  1. Mr Bracegirdle sounds like a character from Tolkein

  2. Ken, you might not believe this, but my Grandma Asher always told the story of how she chased a nasty teacher called Mr. Bracegirdle round the classroom with a stick, much to the delight of the other pupils. There were disruptive pupils in 1898 too!

  3. Hi FF
    He's a character all right!

    Hi Eileen...and none more disruptive than your Grandma I bet! I see where you get it from!