Sunday, December 06, 2009

The good, bad and delicious...

Now that's better!
I've had a nap and its worked wonders.

I've just nipped to the kitchen and had a rummage in the cupboard after smelling chocolate on Bev whilst giving her a hug.  I'm fully revived now having done exactly what Bev did and have duly told her off for being naughty. Yes, well I didn't try and conceal my craving and temptation along with slow unconditional surrender culminating in absolute sneaky capitulation.  I just went and got one.

It was a hectic morning at church and for the second week running the storm clouds gave way to brilliant sunshine.

Bev is on the computer catching up with genealogy and I'm here moulded into a leather bean-bag writing my journal as I reflect on the week past and the weeks to come.

All of England's past nobility including Kings and Queens have never experienced what I'm currently doing and I feel really privileged.  I'd much rather be blogging than exploiting people or cutting heads off.  Don't get me wrong, I like Queen Lizzie and have admired her in a way I find difficult to define right now but in truth I'm not a Monarchist or a lover of nobility though some evidently were and are...noble that is.  The strange thing is that I still feel pangs of patriotism when pomp and ceremony are on show to the world.  I just can't explain it.

There is but one King for whom I will honour and give my life if needed.  Of that I am clear.

Our Prime Ministers and their cronies are a different kettle of fish and have never made me feel proud in any way.  I'd gladly throttle the lot if I thought such an exquisite act would be exempt from the need to repent. Such thoughts are common to me and a continual acquaintance with repentance is assured.  The political system we have is democracy however and in this I am proud.

I reserve real pride and admiration for the countless individuals that really put the G in GB...the ones who make real sacrifices and who have genuine unfeigned love.  They are unsung heroes who are rarely portrayed in the media. Such people are in evidence the world over I suspect and without whom we'd be in a sorry state.

I'm off my soap box now and am considering getting a drink for myself and Bev.  We'll fight over the last chocolate biscuit because some things, my friend, are worth fighting for.


  1. I adore soap boxes! Oh, and I also honour the same King you speak of. Don't get me wrong; I fully understand the 'relationship' you have with Lizzie, and I sometimes wonder that our King's system of government has always been a monarchy, however, monarchy isn't as noble as we read it once was (just like good help is hard to find these days.. smile...).
    Anyway, the question of the day is: did you beat Bev to the biscuit jar?

  2. Hi Helen
    With nobility and honour in mind I did the right thing...I stole it! (actually, she didn't want it so all things worked out well in the end).

  3. I've got no time for kings of any sort I'm afraid but the world is big enough for all our different views. As for choccy biscuits - we daren't, just daren't open a packet.

  4. Kenneth,

    What you are you saying about your best friend??? Don't forget he is a 9th great-grandson of Charles II, albeit through his favourite illegitimate son.

  5. Hi FF
    It certainly is a big enough world to contain everything both true and untrue...the trick is knowing how to tell the difference. Don't BUY the packet and you won't live in fear of opening it...says I who can't resist either. I've already got another packet on my shopping list.

    Hi Eileen
    The only difference between Charles and David is that David has lost his head more than once...or was it Charles 1st that lost his head?

    I'm sure he was exiled to France which is one up on David.

    Did you know that Princess Di's son William will become the first monarch descended from Charles 11 when he becomes King (yes, she's from an illegitimate line too).

    This was written about Charles 11...
    "Restless he rolls from whore to whore. A merry monarch,scandalous and poor".

    All the same, I'm pretty impressed and proud to have such a noble friend in David.