Friday, December 04, 2009

Painting session number 1...

Well here we go...the first painting off the production line.  It isn't finished but it isn't far off.  I've also finished the small ship I started about five years ago but lost interest (not motivated with detail). It was taken from a book so I can't really claim anything other than painting it.

I've also blocked in (started) a few more paintings ready for next week.

Oh, and I thought I'll throw a few pics of the studio.  It's small but it's the only indoor room I'm allowed for painting.  My main studio is crammed with loft displacements and is far too cold anyway.

Studio shots...

Forgot to smile...

The tea clipper...6''x6'' oil on board...

The main painting... another of the pub restaurant in Josselin...10 minute drive from our house in Brittany. L'hotel de France...24''x24'' oil on board.

We're off to a baptism now...then perhaps a little Christmas shopping in Nottingham.


  1. Doesn't it sound awful if I say that I didn't expect you to be so good, but how I mean it is that you paint like a professional. But then I can't paint for toffee so what do I know? (cliche alert - I know what I like though)

  2. Wow, I like the French street scene painting very much. It looks exactly like a little restaurant in Die, in the Drome. In fact just like so many street cafes and restaurants in France. You have got it just right.
    Did you paint it from a photo or start it "live"?
    Your studio looks very tidy. Wish my house was like that (sob).

  3. I love the street scene too, lots of atmosphere so you can imagine being there. brilliant!

  4. I first came to your site because of your fantastic paintings, and stayed because of your fantastic wit! I'm so glad to be able to view more of your work. Your use of light is incredible, and really does make the viewer feel "there." More! More!

  5. Hi All
    I've been a little preoccupied and weary the past few days and didn't think to check past posts.

    Thanks for the are all way too kind.

    Although I'd like to have been there painting this scene, it was never going to happen because of the list of jobs to be done at the time. I took the photo in the summer and started painting in the studio on Thursday. They change the colour of their parasols regularly so I suspect I'll be doing quite a few of these...some detailed and some extremely loose. I'll eventually arrive at what will give me the greatest pleasure yet still be commercially viable.

    I'm enjoying myself though and will be continuing.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  6. Yes, the l'hotel de France scene does it for me too Ken. You seem to have captured the mood of a cafe on a late hot afternoon with all the vibrant colours. You can feel the cool of the shade below and the heat of the sun above. Excellent.