Friday, December 11, 2009

Painting session number 2

"Art is about deciding what to maximize and what to minimize to maximize it".   -Robert Brault.

After a long hard day of painting, I met Bev and we drove into Newark to do some Christmas shopping. When we returned I went upstairs to bring the Mac down from the studio...but it had gone!  I couldn't find it anywhere.

While we were out, Ash had dropped by and before he left again had unplugged the mac and tucked it in our bed with the top half of the screen resting on the pillow.  Bev eventually found it based on 'Lets look in the most improbable place' rather than my idea of 'Lets look in the places where is should be'.  I revisited the two places time and again and stared in disbelief at the empty spaces.

He laughed when I called and wanted to know how long it took me to find it..  Kids!!

The big problem of the day is that the mac isn't picking up the pictures I took of the paintings today.  They show on the camera but I can't transfer them.

Jon is coming over tomorrow so perhaps he can sort it for me. I'd ask Ash, but he has already spent too much time here of late. Besides which, I'd clonk him for being such a twit, so it's best not to invite him for a few years!

Sorted the problem...Paris (unfinished and way out of focus). 15x15 oil on board.

Cornwall...just a bit to do when inspiration visits...24x20 oil on board

I like to re-visit paintings with fresh eyes in order to finish them off.  I'm still far too concerned with detail but the spontaneity will come eventually.  I'm wanting to minimise in order to maximise as Robert puts it.


  1. Great paintings. I love all that colour.

  2. Thanks Jean, you have excellent taste!