Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I felt like Bambi on the walk to work.  It was so icy that I was slipping all over the place and just couldn't keep my feet. It must have been comical to watch.

Kirsty's (the girl I work with) husband has an uncle who slipped on Christmas Eve and broke his leg in 5 places...he's still in hospital. On Christmas Day, Kirsty's parents walked home and her dad slipped on the ice while carrying a bag of Wii remote controls. As he went down the bag swung up, hitting her mum in the face and knocking her front tooth out. It reminded me of that song 'All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth'. I know I shouldn't laugh, but it was funny...especially when she told me that her mum had swallowed the tooth as she landed on her backside! I don't know about Wii but I nearly wet myself with the imagery.

Kirsty has just gone home.  I hope she doesn't have any slip-ups! She had an operation on both knees and a fall will be very painful.

Today was not a nice experience as my heart was still on holiday.

Walked home in the rain whilst looking and hoping Bev might pick me up and save me from getting wet.

Arrived home, opened the door and steamed my glasses up.

'Aloah, she warmly smiled. Is it raining?


  1. That is the curse of wearing glasses - that fogged up look where I feel like little Mr Magoo trying to see.

    I'm cursed in icy weather - I have rotten balance naturally and worry with every step I take.

    Happy Balancing Ken

  2. Hi FF
    Tell me about it! All my life my vision has been obscured and, now that you mention it, I even look like him...or Colonel Blink!