Monday, December 21, 2009

Going through the emotions...

  • It's a hard and frustrating day at work which led to two paracetamol and eventual relief.
  • We were delighted to have been awarded third place for our desk decoration...a competition we never entered.
  • I've now misplaced my back-pack...the one that allowed my journal to escape a month or so ago. Frustrated!
  • Very pleased to hear that Paul Hutchinson has at last confessed to killing Colette Aram in 1983 in nearby Keyworth.
  • This evening we enjoyed a meal at Muston Gap with friends of over 40 years ...14 of us behaving badly and learning new things about each other.  It was a good evening marred only by the fight in the car park afterwards. Flinn missed me with his first attack, but Jon Green managed to catch me with a body blow.  I recovered though and managed to hit Bev in the small of the back.  It was snow-balls of course and, had there been enough snow, the fight will have lasted a lot longer.
I've no interest in snow right now as it has virtually crippled our country. I have to say that it doesn't take much to bring this country to its knees.


  1. Hurrah - at last you've managed to get Bev with a snowball. As for Britain being brought to its knees - what about the French with the Eurostar debacle!

  2. Ken, good to hear of you and your friends having a good time - especially in the car park afterwards. I hadn't heard about the snow problem. I'll have to google it. There's always something isn't there? Must be a sign of the times... I'm with you on learning things about yourself and others. It's quite eye opening to say the least...

  3. Hi FF
    It was only really bad for a couple of days but you'd think the world had come to an end.

    That Eurostar situation is big news this side too. There'll be something else next week.

    Hi Helen
    Does Australia EVER get snow? I don't think you do, do you?

    I wonder when it was you last saw it?

  4. Ken, we got snow about ten years ago in our area. It snows regularly in the mountains each year, but although we reach minus 3 and 4, snow is rare. When we did get snow, it was September (spring)and at least 3 to 4mm thick. Quite a few cars broke down, the highway was blocked and others took what they thought was a short cut, only to get bogged on dirt back roads. Our local State Emergency Service ordered KFC chicken, and all those stranded were fed and warmed in our local (pop 200) memorial hall. Exciting stuff for us country folk...

  5. Okay Helen, I've learned 4 new things here. September is spring and you do have snow in Australia. Your community is thoughtful and you have KFC out in the country. I didn't know any of this a week ago.