Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

It's a bright blue sky but very cold outside.  We didn't feel inclined to rush this morning and enjoyed a leisurely pre-breakfast walk before returning to an extra-warm and inviting home.

There was still prep to do before we set off for Martin & Sarah's and a well anticipated traditional Christmas Dinner prepared by Martin.

He did exceptionally well, beginning with Large flat mushrooms filled with goats cheese and sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and a dollop of country chutney.

The main course was the traditional turkey dinner, but what was remarkable was that everything was cooked to absolute perfection.  You know how horrible veg can be when over-cooked. Martin excelled himself.

Dessert was trifle, Christmas pudding or Christmas cake...or all at the same time I noticed for some!

We pulled crackers and stayed a long time at the table.

Later we enjoyed exchanging some presents and watched 'The Invincibles' cartoon and 'Annie'.

It was difficult to leave and a shame it all ended so quickly.

Back home now and we still haven't exchanged our presents. We've been busying wrapping things for tomorrow and preparing food to take so Juli doesn't have the entire burden.

This is the painting I did last week but didn't put on my blog in case Juli saw it before's of Chris and the girls...a particular favourite photograph of his and hopefully now a favourite painting.

Looking forward to tomorrow as all the family head for Sunderland and an excited Juli & Chris wanting to show us their new home. It's going to be a special day...I'm excited just thinking about it.


  1. Beautiful painting, Ken. What a gift you have.

  2. Glad you two had a restful day. I spent all day holding babies - could get used to it! Love the painting - reminds me of the Beach Boys!

  3. Ken, your paintings are excellent. I just know you are going to do well in France. I know it.

  4. Great art!..sounds like you are having a good time!

  5. Thanks are way too kind.
    I'm looking forward to reading part two! My feet haven't touched the ground yet.

    Eileen: I suspect that holding two babies is preferable to having 18 for dinner today.

    Hi Helen
    Thanks for the vote of confidence and I hope you turn out to be right.

    Hi Blu
    Thanks! I WAS having a good time but everything comes at a price...I'm tired out!