Friday, December 18, 2009

Painting session number 3

The whole country had shedloads of snow but not one single snowflake hit the ground in Newark .  I jumped out of bed in anticipation but peered through the darkness into a frost-laden garden devoid of anything magical.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Paris 24x20  oil on board.  Still work to do (I'll replace this photo with a sharper on tomorrow. I don't consider this painting to be the way I want to go. It's not loose enough.  I think I'll do another very loose and brighter version.

Josselin 15x15 oil on in progress.  This is in the blocking-in stage...another blurred photo.

I did start and finish another painting but don't want it to go on show until Christmas.

I haven't been outside at all today and feel the worst for it. It was almost dark when I started and dark when I finished. I always feel better if I'm exposed to the elements for a while. If there is snow tomorrow I'll be out first thing to have a roll around...getting excited!

Bev has just made me a hot milky drink and a slice of malt loaf covered in butter.  It's just what I want but I felt like an old man in a nursing home as she brought it to me.

Tomorrow night I'll bring one to her.


  1. I really like the first picture. Do you sell or take orders ?? I would love to be able to paint some pictures of our village in France, especially around the château. It's very paintable.

  2. Hi Jean
    I'm building up stock so that I can ease myself back into painting as a living. When I've sorted my website I'll be inviting commissions...but I'm some way from that. I've set a loose goal for February.
    I'm glad you liked the painting.

    Are you all set for Christmas?

  3. Ken, your work is amazing. I am always astounded by how well you capture light. Your paintings always make me want to BE there.