Tuesday, December 22, 2009


What a long, long day!
Bev picked me up from work and we went straight off to Nottingham.  She was the taxi-driver for her mum as she made her visits with Dot.  Dot isn't well enough to drive at the moment and shouldn't really be out and about so Bev was happy to make it easier for her.

I met up with Martin to go and visit Ji Fang Xue to see if she and the family needed help moving on the 28th.  I have never met such a happy and positive little family.  It doesn't matter what happens in life to deter them, they turn things around with a smile.  We also dropped off a Christmas card and hamper for Hong Chi who, like Ji, is also infectiously happy.   Bev Cotton and Jaimie-lee were the final family we visited before meeting up with Bev at church...where I found my back-pack.  Yes, the very same one that I thought I'd lost forever.

Back home again and enjoying a Horlicks and two chocolate biscuits.

Life is good!


  1. You do get out and about a lot. I probably visit as many people in a year as you do in a week.

    So glad you found the backpack


  2. The roads came to a grinding halt in Brittany due to the recent fall of snow and the main A84 was closed.

    Glad you found what you thought was lost forever!

  3. Hi FF,
    I don't believe that for a second. It has been a busy time of late though, and I'll need the Christmas break to re-charge the batteries.

    I'm glad I found the backpack too because it had my phone in it...as well as an un-eaten sandwich.

    Hi Blu
    In High Wycombe the John Lewis store allowed about a hundred people to sleep in their bed department overnight as they couldn't get out of the store because of the snow They were also fed. Here in Newark there isn't the hint of snow although it's very, very cold.

  4. Incidentally FF, I thought your toilet post was hilarious.

  5. Hey Dad, we have some snow-quite a bit and it's still here!! Kids are loving it, it makes everything feel Christmasy. After 32 years this is the closest I've got to a white christmas! Wehay!

  6. Hi Juli
    There's still a chance of a snowball fight then! Yippee! See you Saturday.
    Hey, I thought you are without the internet until after Christmas...and aren't you 34?