Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gone to Pot...

Every road I drove along today was just about recognisable but strangely unfamiliar. I think it was down to me being on auto pilot with my mind snapping back now and again to what should have been very familiar, but wasn't.  Truth be told, I'm deteriorating. I'm falling apart and I'm not as sharp or as attentive as I once was.

It may be that I've just had too much food and chocolate...way too much chocolate!

Anyway, I'm back home now...there's no place like home. A good nights sleep should sort me out.

My Secret Santa gave me this gift's a radio to be used in the garden and is called 'Gone to Pot'.  See, even they have noticed!  Granted, I need to be more in tune but I thought it was more appropriate for Bev and her recent dodgy activities down at the bottom of the garden.


  1. Oh 'Secret Santa' reminds me of when I used to have my wonderful London job. This is the time of year it is lovely to have a workplace and colleagues and Christmas parties. Have a great run up to Christmas

  2. Love the radio! tee hee, cant wait for spring to be out there maybe I need one too!..Are Christmas trees expensive in England?

  3. HI FF
    Sounds like you miss your London job. If I'm honest I don't think I'll miss my job...or the parties! I will miss some of the people though.
    Are you excited about the changes to your life next year?

    Hi Blu
    We didn't realise you were such a keen gardener until we looked at your other blog. Spring can't get here soon enough for us too.
    I'm not sure if Christmas trees are expensive...probably about £50 for a reasonable quality 5', which is more than I'd like to spend. Bev forces me to spend on most things otherwise I'd never make the effort.

  4. I had a chuckle at this post. Just to clarify - I chuckle because I can relate. I have to remind the Machinist and my daughters of this when I laugh at them. Don't worry, Ken, you may feel like you are going to pot today, but tomorrow, as my mom always tells me, is another day. You'll feel better about things, and who knows - you might even get bursts of energy and sharpness you never knew you were capable of. Now yesterday, I was ok, and today, I feel tired. It's muggy. And hot. And i have to paint the 40 square ceiling in the commercial kitchen up at the pie shop. Where is yesterday's energy? ha...
    Love your radio and I hope you or Bev get a lot of use out of it.

  5. Hi Helen
    It's a one station wonder at the moment but I was really pleased to find that batteries were included.

    I only feel really useless after 8pm...the rest of the time I'm just useless. Actually Helen, you are right...tomorrow is another day.

    I don't mind you having a laugh at my expense (join the queue).

    I'm looking forward to your pie shop being finished.