Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hoping for something magical

A long hard day of painting Paris and Josselin has flashed by and I've done nothing else but send a few emails, searched the loft for a nativity scene, read a few blogs, taken a few calls, eaten, written and posted cards and watched a true movie film with Bev...'One against the wind', about Mary Lindell (French resistance)...really good! She certainly made a difference.

I've been trying to obtain strength, vibrancy, light, texture, contrast and colour in my painting...not easy! Still lacking spontaneity I think.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.

I hope I wake up to snow like my American and French'll be magical!


  1. you must be exhausted painting Paris! ...LOL, look forward to seeing your paintings.

  2. We've got thick thick snow outside and a blizzard is bringing more. I'm drinking mulled spicey tea and life is quite good.I hope you get your snow, my bloggy friend.

  3. Yes Blu, painting the town red is always exhausting.

    Hi FF
    Not one single snowflake. Gutted!
    Take a photo if you can and share it with us.