Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The starting line...

This is my last working day of the week in front of a PC and I feel on top of the world.

I find myself at the starting line at last.

Tomorrow and each subsequent Thursday and Friday I'll be in front of a canvas or board with the goal of creating something someone would want to buy somewhere in the world.  This is in preparation for when I'm a full-time artist again... in France.

I don't need to sell at the moment but I do need to build up my stock for the future and have everything in position and functioning. If I'm to achieve this particular goal I need to make things happen and see steady progress, not sit on my backside dreaming. Dreaming is okay but it never becomes reality unless you actually do something.

I hope to convince visitors to my blog journal that to be a professional artist requires considerably more than applying paint.  It is not a romantic pursuit that is forever pleasurable or rewarding. You'll have my thought processes, frustrations, tears, fears and feelings along with how everything is achieved.  Well, that's the plan anyway!

Many a hobbyist who paints for pleasure and paints well has my admiration but I'll be walking a different path, one which doesn't guarantee pleasure or remuneration although I sincerely hope both will be in evidence. This will be my profession, warts and all! It's what I want to do with my working life.  It's what I need to be doing.

Each Friday I will post my efforts...even if the painting is unfinished.

On your marks, get set...


  1. Wow !! Good luck, Ken. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    Enjoy building your wall today!

  3. Hi Jean
    I'm looking forward to the results too! Thanks for popping in...and for the encouragement.

    Eileen...I certainly will enjoy building the wall but not on a workday. There will be time enough on Saturday. Even then the bedroom will take centre stage as the rest of the ceiling has to come down before Jon arrives a week later to help put the boards up. So, perhaps the wall still won't get attention.

  4. Ken, I know you said this before, but we really do live in parallel worlds. I can relate so much to building up stock, as WELL as making preparations for and working on a building to house said stock. Each day, we wonder "Building, Metalsmithery or Pies today"? as we are doing the three in one. Add to that the Machinist's regular work - industrial / commercial machining / fabricating (which is slow at the moment), and life becomes traumatic. Ha! Just to let you know, that I send every inch of encouragement to you that I can muster. And more. All the very best to both of you, because whoever's dream it is, the whole family shares it.

  5. Hi Helen, I almost missed this comment you left.
    Sounds like you really do know what it's all about and, as such, I wish you the very best too.
    I look forward to the time when I can electronically taste one of your pies and share in the joy of deserved success.