Thursday, December 03, 2009


By the time I sorted the studio out and fitted my north light tubes on the well as bringing my mac upstairs so I can check out resource material and listen to music and was 9:00am.

Last night I cleaned all my clogged-up tubes of oil and screwed the tops on firmly so it was a clear day of painting today.

The heater 'fizzled' as soon as I switched it on which sent me searching for my jumper and scarf. Not a good start really as it's pretty cold and it's one of two rooms in the house without radiators.

The day went well and I couldn't believe how quickly it passed. I had to drop everything and dash downstairs to prepare the evening meal...just as Bev walked through the door at almost 5:00pm. I've volunteered to do the cooking for Thursdays and Fridays which, I suppose, puts me in the 'very considerate husband' bracket.  Yes I know, I'm just too much!

I've left her to clear up and wash the dishes. Oops! there goes my halo!

I've just cleaned my brushes...not keen on the smell of white spirit.  It gives me headaches.  I'll have to get on the net and find an alternative.

Here is my studio shelf with my mac showing one of my paintings that I wanted to check the style of...high enough not to be splashed with anything.  The top of the painting I'm working on rests on a worktop and comes to the top of the shelf. I burned my easel earlier this year because it had twisted over a period of 25 years.  It's a good job they don't do that with everything that becomes twisted otherwise all my good friends will be charcoal by now.


  1. Dear Considerate Husband, commiserations on painting in cold rooms. I know how hard it is to 'get started'. I'm considering what's worse at the moment, though, as the paint goes thick and blobby too quickly, and the brush needs cleaning more often in our 40 degree heat. Hmmm... Your shelf pic makes one want to see more... looks like an interesting studio. My eldest daughter would be so nosey..ha ha...

  2. Hi Helen
    40 degrees!! I can't even imagine what that will be like.
    Studio pictures to follow later today...along with the reason for having one.