Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Feeling a little under the weather

We were allowed to decorate our desks but weren't allowed to hang anything from the ceiling.  Everyone was obedient...except that bank of desks over there (you might have to click the image to enlarge). They are our desks and I was the rebel with a cause.

We were dreaming of a white Christmas and our dream came true although you could say that we were feeling a little under the weather!  The blue screen is mine and Kirsty is opposite.

My desk...Karen speaking with Kirsty

Tomorrow is our team meal.


  1. Ken! I always knew you had a rebellious streak in you! There you go, making merry against the rules. It sure does look pretty and festive though!

    How's Bev feeling after her bout of under-the-weatherness on Sunday?

  2. Sorry to have missed a few posts - it's been a strange time at home and my latest post will reveal why. Lots of talk and plans took over my usual blogging activities.

    I think your work area looks lovely

  3. Hi Randi
    Bev has a headache that has lasted all week so far, so isn't her normal happy self. With luck she'll be back to normal very soon.

    Hi FF
    Yes, I had a peek. Whatever happened to simplicity in life?