Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Listening to reason

VF employees are forever ignoring pleas not to park on the main road in front of the building. Yesterday, a lorry ploughed into the back of one and like a row of dominos, 10 cars fell victim and were badly damaged. Yes, we have secure car parks that they could have used!
Now, we have intelligent people working here, but guess how many cars are parked in the same spot this morning?

Today I can guarantee snow at 11:15am as it's my job to manufacture it to hang directly over our bank of desks.  We've decided against our planned 'Bah humbug' in favour of a more festive spirit or goodwill.

Here I am tying each snowflake (I recommend cotton wool because it's a lot dryer and doesn't disappear when you touch it) every 4" onto invisible nylon thread which is in fact visible. Everyone has a specific job to do, so by Monday when I next come in, it should all look like the ideal Christmas morning and every bit as false as San...what am I saying!! I should be ashamed of myself.  I'm expecting to see a spectacular Bing Crosby Christmas setting. A totally white pre-Christmas lasting all the way through to the New Year.

We had a circular warning us not to hang anything from the ceiling.  Well, this isn't just's hundreds of snowflakes of which I'm prepared to compromise and take a couple down if forced into a corner...that's a measure of how accommodating I am.  I'm every bit a listener as the people who continue to park their cars at the front...I never learn!

Work is behind me now and Bev has helped me put the newly-painted wardrobe doors back on.  She's done a good job of the painting and I'm glad the job is behind us.  Now for the rest of the room (Saturday).

I'm preparing myself mentally for a different type of painting right now.


  1. It's great to hear of you mustering up the Christmas spirit. I must say = when you live in warmer climates, it's just not the same. I'm trying really hard to create it here at home in the midst of family members coming and going. I think even though the Ya Yas get older, and despite their 'head' thinking, their 'heart' still expects Christmas-y things to happen. Now how can I disappoint them? How can you disappoint your workmates? How can you be expected to learn? I mean - you are compromising after all, yes? hee hee...

    It would be fun to see pics of your office spaces once everyone has contributed in their own way.

    Oh, and it's good to hear of another job down (thanks to Bev's help). How many more to go? Thousands?

  2. Hi Helen
    Yes, I'll post some pics of the snowfall next week. Feeling quite warm towards the build-up to Christmas now. Usually I allow it to be too hectic to really enjoy but this time I think the balance is right.

    Jobs...Bev has taken to putting a tick-list of outstanding jobs next to where they are to be executed. Seems to me they might not be the only things executed if the practice continues.

    That film you watched is way too scary for us!

  3. Do you have an office party where you work? I used to dislike them intensely when I had my London job, even though the organisation of them was part of my work.

  4. Hi FF
    Last year we had an option to go to a party but most people over 25 didn't bother so I think they've ditched the idea.

    Each team just go for a meal funded by the company. Ours is next Wednesday, yum!yum!