Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Oh, how frustrating!
Perhaps it's an age thing but I've just spent all evening trying to get my new printer to work.  It's working now that its got to know me better.  I used it to scan a photo onto a memory card.  It worked, but now I can't get it onto the mac after I put it back into the camera.  I give up! I'll try again when I'm feeling fresh and up for a challenge.

I wanted to show a photograph of Michael from Kenya who has sent us a note.  He's such a bright and happy little lad who has absolutely nothing.  it brought  tears to our eyes.

"Dear sponsor, I am happy to write to you.  I am learning well.  May God bless you for helping me.  Michael Mwangala"

He also enclosed his school report...as if he needs to prove anything to us!

May God bless you Michael!

Here is a link to the charity Children in Kenya...www.chink.org.uk they are based just down the road from us and are such a warm and friendly couple.  Every single penny reaches the children and we are proud to help them fund-raise.

Photo of Michael to follow.


  1. Ken, this is a topic close to my heart. Back in S Africa, my mam wanted to adopt a couple of black children, but apartheid reigned at that time and it never happened. We have fostered children here in Oz and now also support refugees, but I've been thinking of sponsoring an individual child. I want to talk with the Machinist about this at the right time. Good for you and Bev! Bless..

  2. Hi Helen
    Yes,I think timing is important in the current economic climate. Having said that, a little goes a very very long way in some cultures.

    Your life seems jam-packed...how do you manage to fit everything in?