Sunday, December 20, 2009


Snow at last! But it's barely covering the hardened ground.  It's -5 degrees as we get into the car for church and our best friend was the heater from the front and the hot air from the back seat.

Actually, she was quiet for most of the journey...does she secretly read my blog or is she worried about her friend? I think the latter is probably the truth of the matter.  The cancer has returned to haunt Dot and she was to start chemotherapy again this week.  They stopped abruptly, wide-eyed and needle mid-air when they found out she hadn't taken the pre-requisite medication.  I was shocked to learn that had they injected her, it would have resulted in instant death. Surely that can't be right?  Anyway, she was shocked too and had to return after the steroids had taken effect.

We visited Bev's family in Mansfield after church and enjoyed a spread associated with causing a spread...if you get my drift, or is that midriff?  It was good to see everyone but we had to leave early because of the snow.  Yes, the SNOW!  As we drove onto our drive however, it was apparent that no snow had fallen in Newark.

Incidentally, it was so cold today that one of the windows at church-a toilet window intact for over forty years- suddenly shattered when the heater below it was turned on.

It's nice to be snug, warm and cosy indoors on a day like today.

We'll be watching 'Cranford' in a little while as we write Christmas cards to post tomorrow...better late than never!

If I don't wake up to heavy snow, I'll be most disappointed.


  1. We have snow here and it is a real pain. We set off to do the usual present run to Nick's Mum only 10 miles away and had to turn back, cars skidding every where and getting stuck. It was very scary and the round trip to nowhere took 90 minutes. A fire engine and ambulance were fighting their way through the chaos when we were nearly home so the snow obviously spoiled someone's Sunday.
    Snow is only good if you don't have to go anywhere. You're lucky in Newark.

  2. Snug and Cosy is a challenge here, hopefully when our new windows are installed next year we will be less draughty!..........brrrrr...from Brittany.

  3. Hi FF
    Your'e right of course. It's only the thought of a blanket of snow that's nice...not the reality of it.

    Actually Blu it's brrrr from Britain too. Your new windows will make a fantastic difference. We couldn't believe the difference they made when we had ours fitted.

  4. Oh I'm sorry to read about your poor friend. Why had she not had the pre-med? Someone seriously slipped up there - thank goodness they checked first.

    As for the snow - it's gone - yippee

  5. Hi FF (I'm getting Jean and FF mixed up) The system is reliant on the patient to remember to take the medication, but the check should have been considerably more than an afterthought of a question seconds before the needle goes in. Our system isn't perfect.