Saturday, December 12, 2009

Robert Brault

"Most obstacles in life have no power to stop you but only to make you stop yourself."  -Robert Brault.

I had a rotten old night and feel the need of something to take the 'I think I'm going to die'  feeling away. The above quote was just the thing...nothing will stop me today...hopefully!

I was sad to learn that Robert won't be around until March and his site won't allow comments to be left.

If you drop by here Robert be sure to have a good break and yes, I look forward to purchasing your book if it's ready in time and when you return.  It's long overdue.

My jobs today...
  1. Take the rest of the ceiling down in the main bedroom.
  2. Collect ceiling boards and screws.
  3. Charge the cordless drill.
  4. Clean all the blue bricks with acid.
  5. Bevel mortar the pillars.
  6. Clear up all the mess.
  7. Protect the pillars from frost.
  8. Put new ceiling boards up if time permits.
Paul and Debbie (+ the dogs) dropped by. It was nice to see them.

Well, the day is done.  How did I fare?

I had to haul  the 8'x4' boards upstairs by myself as there was no one to help. I also bought the wrong type of boards and had to put a bevel on them myself. The tool I used to put the bevel on was blunt and had to buy a new one. These were only obstacles however with no power to stop me.

Ashley and Jon agreed to help me put the boards up (I've forgiven Ash) but Jon was delayed so we've had to plan for another day.

All the other jobs were completed so it's been a very successful day.  The really good thing is that the wall is finished in terms of bricks and mortar...the wrought iron will be done as soon as I can find someone to make it.

Taking the ceiling down was a very, very dirty job...

The wall...

Now is the time to sit down, relax and watch a movie perhaps. Bev hasn't stopped all day and is really tired...I'm pretty bushed too.


  1. Ken,

    You are a person of unending good will, my friend. I shut off comments on my latest post, because I didn't feel entitled to still another round of "farewell" wishes. Gets embarrassing.
    Love your most recent paintings, especially the outdoor cafe scenes in Paris and Brittany. You create a world one yearns to step into.


  2. I was certainly miss Robert too, but if the end result is a book, I will try to endure it. I'd love to have a book of his gracing my bookshelf.

    Ken, you never cease to amaze me with your handy-man-ness. That wall is gorgeous.

  3. Hi Robert
    You are always entitled to good wishes. I look forward to your book with eagerness. Make the most of and enjoy the time because it'll go very quickly.

    Hi Randi
    Thanks, but have you noticed that I can't resist tearing things down? I'm trying to learn the art of keeping them up and saving myself a job. Hopefully the wall will stay!