Saturday, March 20, 2010

Frames sorted?

What an omen...a parking space right next to the ticket machine. We've never managed to be so lucky.

My fixed smile turned to something else at the sight of  the 'Out of order' sign. No, I won't let it affect me.

Five minutes later I passed the opticians with a grunt as Bev dragged me quickly past the place to nullify the temptation to inflict harm(just kidding). Perhaps the ticket machine did affect me after all. Am I really in the mood to be in town today?

I phoned Pete to see what the quote would be for identical mouldings to Hills of Newark. I hadn't told him that they quoted £65 for the largest painting. He quoted £230 for two. I now had to dash home and pick up the paintings and return to Hills before they closed. Today could yet be a disaster.

We had a hearty breakfast back home and I phoned Pete to say I wouldn't be using his services.

I left three paintings with Hills, bought some paints and brushes, had passport photos taken and returned home. They promised a quote for the lot by the end of the day which I predict should be in the region of £180. That makes it one painting more and considerably cheaper than Pete's quote. I decided to have the third painting with a frame ready in case I spoiled one in the run-up.

Sorted! I feel so much better now. I can relax.

As it happens, I didn't relax at all. Sunderland had a must-win game which would virtually seal their position in football's elite league. After 11 minutes we were 2-0 up, but with 20 minutes to go, the score was 2-1 and we were under the cosh. Final score Sunderland 3 Birmingham 1.

Reality check!! Am I being just a bit too worldly here? There are people struggling with the economic down-turn and losing jobs and here I am getting worried about a football result. I also have close friends struggling with cancer and barely hanging onto life.

I can't fathom it really.


  1. No, you are not being too wordly. You do more than enough for other people, you work hard and are a great husband and father (that you are shines out from your blog). You also have to have legitimate 'you' time - and this was it. You enjoy your football, shouting at the telly and spend your weekend relaxing 'your' way.

  2. Hi Julie
    I'm embarrassed now! How can I possibly agree? Okay, I agree! Anyway, who said I enjoy football? Had you forgotten I support Sunderland?