Thursday, March 04, 2010

A grand job!


I started with lust because I always remember that one...the rest I have to think about. It's not that I don't have to think about lust too, it's just that...well...never mind! Anyway, so how am I doing with the seven deadly sins? Easy-peasy, they aren't so deadly for me these days although I'm guilty of most of them at least once a year and no, I'm not saying which of them I struggle with.

Okay then, it's none of them. That's right, none of them...not since I turned thirty anyway. I reckon I'm nigh on perfect really...or is that pride slipping in again?

I'll admit that if it's possible to have little white deadly sins I'd be guilty of all of them. Actually, it is possible. Does that still make them sins? Surely not! Please no!

I see evidence all around me which suggest every 'none-white' variety is well utilised. I even know of someone who flies the flag for the lot.

Speaking of politics...I am thrilled to hear that there will be live American style debates between the three main party leaders in the run-up to the election. I am so looking forward to them. You can learn so much by observing how they react to each other.

Politicians past and present have been the cause of my greatest deadly sin, but I've thought of a way out , thanks to the English language. It all started with annoyance...then aggravation, exasperation, irascibility, outrage, fury and currently raging fury. Not once have I needed to be angry.

Okay, perhaps I might not get away with it come judgement day, but I figure I'll be easily forgiven given the rabble that are governing us.

For any politician reading this...I think you are doing a grand job!

ps, thanks to Mitchell Symons for the gradation of anger courtesy of his book 'Don't Get Me Started'...a rant about modern living, given as a gift to me by Eileen last week. She saw it and thought of me.


  1. Oh dear, I can be lusty, greedy, lazy and angry on occasion

  2. Hi FF
    Join the club and be grateful it isn't regular.