Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeling very fortunate

I forgot to mention what happened on Saturday. See if you can pick out the unusual one...

  • I sat in the lovely sunshine and read my book for an hour.
  • Bev enjoyed sorting the garden out.
  • Lots of rubbish to the tip.
  • Wax removed from frames (needed two more coats of paint).
  • 2nd coat of varnish on paintings.
  • Bev backed the car into the brick entrance pillar...the one I've just built.
  • Enjoyed an evening out.
Yes, you've got it...I had to remove all that wax polish and start again...just as Bev rushed past in tears. I have to say it was quite a relief to see the pillar still standing. It's just cracked a little. The car is easier to fix. Accidents will happen and I'm glad Bev soon began to feel okay about it.

Yesterday we took full advantage of the day of rest. Studied the mechanics of repentance at church in the morning and totally chilled in the afternoon. In the evening we walked, talked and made plans.

Today I found out that Tracey J has had lung cancer confirmed. Last year her only concern was the ill health of her husband who is now fine by all accounts. Dot also has been unable to contain the spread of cancer. Jo ended up in hospital last week and Karen informs us that she has clots on her lungs. Florrie now needs 24 hour care and will move into a rather plush looking establishment this week I believe. Me, well I'm 100% the moment. You never can tell what tomorrow will bring though. If I eventually end up in a place like Florrie, I might just change my plans to windsurf the English Channel aged 89.

Feeling very fortunate.


  1. Oh Poor Bev - that noise and sensation of the car colliding with something is one that most of us I am sure know - it's horrible.

    As for all your poor friends who are battling health issues atm - I am so very sorry. We just mever know what is going to happen to us. I suppose in the years to come we will just have an annual inspection where things will be picked up almost before they begin - a couple of generations away I feel.

  2. Hi Julie
    That's just how things are. As we get older, so does everyone else we know until we are the last leaf on the tree...if we are lucky!

  3. It all goes to remind us that we should count our blessings.

  4. Hi Jean
    I agree but I seem to have long stretches when I don't count them. Coming up against bad news brings me back again.

  5. "..I seem to have long stretches when I don't count them. Coming up against bad news brings me back again.." it applies to so many of us Ken.I guess we gradually get to the stage of "Feeling very fortunate" .. most of the time. Pleasure to go through your notes. Thanks.

  6. Thanks Raj, I appreciate your comments.