Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Freedom of thought

I started the day with Weetabix and a wind-surfing DVD featuring Peter Hart. I still fancy being the oldest fool to windsurf the English Channel. Can you imagine me doing this...
Surprisingly enough, I have done the manoeuvre  once before. It was involuntary though and I was just hanging on for dear life. I'm so looking forward to getting out this summer to blow away the cobwebs.

Anyway, back to mundane things like work.  I was in a buoyant mood and feeling happy for some reason.

The day was full of surprises and weird thoughts. One such thought was why I always fold my arms with my right hand gripping my left arm, and my left hand tucking in. I tried it the other way and it was just wrong. I looked a fool trying to do it the opposite way and my arms were confused at what to do.

Elbows were another fascination. Try drinking from a cup without bending them. Did you know that your hand can't touch the elbow of the arm it's attached to? It's obvious that you can't yet I was stupid enough to try anyway.

I'm eating too may lollipops at work apparently, and it's beginning to show. I didn't notice it myself. It was pointed out to me. I hate having my attention brought to things like that...especially by women. I'm turning into a lollipop man by all accounts. I'll show 'em!

The big surprise of the day was Sky Sports Dave from our team handing in his notice. He'll be leaving in a couple of weeks. I think I'll miss his quirky abrasive ways.

The day was peppered with thoughts about people in old B&W photos and wondering what they did immediately after the photograph was taken, along with a string of other thoughts that kept popping into my head.

As it was St George's Day (no it isn't you's St Patrick's Day), I also dreamed of the possibility of owning a 12' rusty metal dragon.  Yes, I'd love one hanging off the roof and threatening anyone trying to get through the front door. I've wanted one for years and should really put it on my list of things not to forget as my memory fades.

I did do some work today incidentally.

Almost forgot...I didn't post yesterday because we were very late back home. As much as I wanted to write up my journal, the lure of a comfy bed won the day.


  1. It is funny the daily habits we do without even thinking about them. I always hold the phone to my right ear even though I can hear perfectly well through my left one as well. I sometimes make myself use my left hand to do things, just in case I am ever rendered 'right-hand incapable'. I just can't manage the 'holding the phone to left ear' maneouvre. I wonder why.

  2. Hi Julie
    It is funny.
    The funniest thing I do which I can't fathom is swallowing every time I squeeze a dish cloth.