Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That's telling me!

Okay, I forgot that I can't put everything I feel here on my blog. It may be my journal but I still have to be selective to a degree. I tend to forget that other people read it.

I'm in real trouble from my family for being so grumpy, caustic and ungracious of late. They are right of course. The thing is that's how I feel at times. Thankfully it isn't very often and generally only is manifested when I feel I'm being taken advantage of. I don't bear grudges and quickly forgive and forget. Really!

So here I am...at peace with the world once again. I'm taking my medication and promise to be good.  I've even moderated my last two posts...make that four and a few beyond! Dear me, was I that ungracious?



  1. Don't worry about it, Ken. I'm sometimes pulled up by loved ones about some indiscretion or other I've referred to in my blog. People should get over it - it's your place here and you should be able to put exactly what you want.

  2. Hey Ken - we're all human...and prone to floundering around occasionally.

  3. Hi Molly P
    I wasn't clumsy or foolish (I had to look up what it meant exactly)...just too brutal and thoughtless!
    I blame lack of sleep and old age.
    I was roughly right on the floundering, but understand your blog title better now. Well named :)