Thursday, March 18, 2010


I've been painting all day and now I'm off to see the sample mouldings Pete has got for me.

It's also our welfare meeting tonight. Once a month about seven or eight of us get together to see who is in need of help. It could be immediate help with food or finances, or it could be a helping hand to move or weed the garden. It might even be advice or a friendly chat. Whether it's social, emotional or spiritual help, we are there to provide it with the resources we have available. We usually have feedback from others who have their ears to the ground so to speak and before you think we use our own money, it isn't so.  It's church funds and members resources that we use.

When I have a selfish sort of week, a meeting like this is just what I need to redress the balance.

My eyes are so tired and I feel like its late. Hopefully the fresh air will revive me and I'll be of some good to somebody.

Probably won't be back until late so this is the one and only post for today.

Getting excited about the paintings being framed.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful support network. Perhaps they could spruce up your tired eyes?

    You're quite unusual Ken D and I like that.

    Happy framing.

  2. Hi Molly P
    It's the best support system available to the world in my opinion. You could argue that I'm bound to say that, but I mean it 110%.

    Not as unusual as you Molly P...and I like that!