Tuesday, March 02, 2010

At the end of a day she's always there.

Almost forgot to do an entry today.

This morning was another magical sun-kissed morning as we trudged across the frosted field.

I spent almost all day working in silence but listening to the conversation around me. It was one of those days when things boiled over(very briefly) and at one point I'm sure blood could have been spilt between them but it was seemingly soaked up with smiles and veiled conciliatory banter. In truth I was detached but had an ear on a conversation behind me about differing views on the John Terry affair. I enjoyed the sides that were in evidence and eventually threw my lot in concerning role models and declining moral fibre.

Tonight has been spent catching up on my blogs and a disproportionate amount of time with Bev...but it was quality time!

It's nice to end the day sitting by her. Well, perhaps not always nice, but tonight it is. Okay, MOSTLY nice.

Always then!


  1. Yes, always, indeed. One's soul mate - what could be better?

    As for cheating footballers - I have very old-fashioned views on things like love and fidelity. I have no time for cheaters

  2. Having a partner to cosy up to is a blessing indeed, and those in the public eye who do not honour their partners by staying loyal to them will only ever be the losers, even if they have pots of money and are financially secure. Nothing can buy a good partnership, just the years of riding the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the highs and lows: that is what makes a partnership special. It is the stickability factor.
    Made me think, this post of yours.....

  3. Hi FF
    I agree.
    I like the photo of you on your recent post. My side bar doesn't seem to keep me up to date with posts. It was good reading.

    Hi Vera
    Yes, if there's one criticism of newly weds it's that they don't have enough patience and 'stickability'. They want everything perfect without the hard work. Their marriages are over almost as soon as the honeymoon...or so it seems.