Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The future is Orange

I have enjoyed visiting blogs so much that I neglected mine. I also haven't done my French yet!

The working day started with an email from our CEO outlining 375 redundancies before lunch. There was an initial rush of expectant chatter followed by reflective silence. It was almost as if everyone was silently weighing up the implications of being without a job.  I must admit my heart briefly lifted at the prospect, but I too then thought about it. Mmm, just a bit too soon perhaps. The end of the year would be better.

The afternoon carried with it an air of normality...except for those who's lives were about to change.

I must stop now and get some studying done.

I know what you're thinking and yes, I wasn't...or do I mean no, I was?


  1. Paint with my left hand? why?


  2. Hi Blu
    It makes for an interesting experiment, especially using block primary colours.
    Things happen. There will be things learned. Your main painting hand is itching to take over and when it does, it seems to have something to prove. Having the two paintings side by side also throws up some worthy considerations.

    So, are you up for it?

  3. Oh shame - to those poor souls who feel cast aside and hurrah to those who think good bloody job I am leaving this dump

    I have the feeling, Ken, that you just take whatever happens with the best possible grace.

  4. Hi FF
    Actually, grace is not a word that springs to mind when my name is mentioned.
    If it happens, it happens and you aren't likely to change things at that stage.

    Anyway FF, what's this little secret I'm hearing about but not getting any closer to?