Monday, March 08, 2010

Week one: French

I've done it...or should I say started!

I keep taking my French book to work with the intention of studying in my lunch half-hour break. It rarely happens. It now calls for something more structured.

The plan...
From 7pm I am in the dining room with the mac while Bev is upstairs on the computer doing genealogy. I can spread out on the table for writing and use the mac for online interaction and French radio. The good thing is that I can leave everything out. We meet at 9pm for a date to remind us we are an item.

I have 11 weeks before going to France and there are 12 lessons in this book. I'd like to finish the book. I WILL finish the book. I'm determined to be better than last year. I've got to push forward and make significant progress.

So, for most of the week our dining room is a study area and on Sunday we are back around the table to eat.

That's the good thing about the mac. It's only one plug so I can take it anywhere. It's a wireless mouse and keyboard and I can print from anywhere in the house.

Yes, I've had the book a few years. Yes, I start more things than I finish. No, broadcasting my intentions isn't always the best thing to do. Yes, it could be embarrassing if I fail...again. BUT, you've got to love someone who tries. You're never beaten unless you stay down and I'm not staying down. I'll keep getting up no matter how wobbly my legs are.


  1. Bon courage !!! I could send Mme André round to yours for a bit. That would perk up your French. We can't leave the house without passing her and she always engages us in conversation. Sometimes we shrug (getting good at the French shrug) and go and fetch the dictionary. She fetches her glasses and we work it out. Great fun !!

  2. Now that's not a bad way of doing it Jean. If my dictionary didn't weigh as much as a suitcase I'd have one handy. I'm good at the shrug too!

  3. Apparently making your intentions public is one way to help keep up motivation...

    Id that 11 weeks to France for good - or for a bit before the 'for good'?

  4. Oh, Molly P if only it was for good. We are talking about this right now at work. They can't figure out why I'm not there now that the house is virtually finished.

    I've set a date in my mind but I now have to arrange things for MIL or convince her to come...both of which are extremely sensitive no-go areas at the moment.

    I've got my thinking cap on.