Monday, March 01, 2010


I wrote a poem for Bev this morning...

The sun shone early
The sky is blue
I'm off to work
And so are you.

We linked up and crossed the field in the beautiful early sunlight.

The day was good but the coming home was better...not in darkness! BST begins this month! It's getting lighter by the second and it feels great.

Sorted out a better (and cheaper) telephone deal.
Sorted a better (and cheaper) gas and electricity deal.
Sorted a bargain on the internet.

I guess the word of the day is...?

Ok, here's Bev's poem...

Eh! Oh! Ahhhgh! Lost it! How can you think straight when you've just exploded the eggs by letting the pan burn dry?

Talented is Bev! She really is talented, but when it comes to poetry she's as bad as I am.


  1. Who burnt the pan? You or Bev?


  2. The air smelled like spring today and lifted me up no end!!!!!!

    Wheely deally and poetic day for you then....

    We linked up and crossed the field in the beautiful early sunlight....lovely image

  3. Hi FF
    Ah, the English language! The culprit was...?

    Hi Molly P
    It was the same again today. Two old codgers crossing a field. All of a sudden things are shooting up out of the ground and that spring feeling is everywhere...can't beat it!