Friday, March 12, 2010

RA selection is getting close.

Well, I'm here at last!

Last night I couldn't post because it was late when we got back from Bridgford.

I should really have been in the studio today but thought it best to select and take a few paintings for  framing even though they aren't quite finished. The Royal Academy delivery date is on the 31st which is getting frighteningly close.

I used to own the shop I took the paintings to and it was quite strange to be on the customer side of the counter. Alas, he didn't have anything suitable in stock. I really am worried now.

I left the shop feeling a little disappointed that I'd tentatively chosen frames I haven't seen 'in the flesh' so to speak and they weren't really what I was looking for anyway.

I drove home and decided to visit the only framing workshop in Newark. Nothing!

I then visited a rather posh gallery in chain lane for inspiration. They represent some of the best artists on the planet and I felt a little scruffy in my holed jeans and leather jacket. After a very pleasant and long chat about artists, publishers and Italy, I left with the inspiration I was looking for. I decided that the best thing would be to have bare wood and create my own finish...a simple white  lime or even paint so that it didn't compete with the colour that it framed.   Clean, simple, unobtrusive. I hope it works out.

The owner of the gallery was interested enough to invite me back to show some of my work. I think it was partly because we found it easy to chat, but mainly I think because I'd been published by a company he had previously been involved with.  We'll have to see how that pans out.

Here's the gallery link if you are into visiting galleries...Trent Galleries.

The tragedy of the day was the new French CD which arrived this morning is trapped in the player in the car. Goodness knows how I'll get it out.

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