Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Still learning

I learned today that chewing-gum doesn't float if you throw it in a glass of water...but it retains it's flavour when you catch up with it again.  I have only very recently taken to chewing the stuff. I blame the Americans. I didn't allow any of my children to chew gum growing up and here I am chewing it. What does that make me?

I also learned that some people are super-calm.  At work, a customer accepted fees of £32,000 and he was very polite. I found out that he will pay £30,000 more than he should. He'll also be very happy when I let him know next week. I'm supposed to be making money for the company, not giving it away but hey, what's £30,000? (Choke!)

I learned some French today but can't quite remember what it was.

Watched the first half on the wide screen and the second half with MIL to keep her company. There's no chance of us winning the world cup on this showing. They never learn.

Looking forward to painting tomorrow.

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