Sunday, March 07, 2010

Really a day of rest.

Not well today. Stayed at home.

Gently experienced the day which included updating just one of my blogs (it's all I could manage) and later venturing out for a walk to enjoy the late afternoon sun along the river with Bev.

I've just followed the link from Foreign Quang to Jeremy Johnson. It's nice to know that such people are living their lives in such unselfish fashion. He's my kind of person. He's doing what I'd like to be doing myself.
If you don't know who he is, why not google him? ( He's the one who has responded to the Haitian disaster.) You might even drop in on FQ and follow the link directly. It's worth the read.

Time to rest these weary bones.

Tomorrow I'd like to come out fighting.


  1. Ken: I hope you are feeling better. It's not like you to miss church. Flu bug?

    I finally had a little time to try to catch up on all my favorite blogs and when I come here, you send me back to me! :) Thanks for reading about Jeremy. He's truly amazing. I always promise God that if I were rich I would give my money away too, but so far that tactic has not worked for me.

    Rest well, Ken. Don't make us have to worry...

  2. Hope you are feeling better today.. best wishes Blu

  3. Oh dear, hope you are up and about today. Give work a miss - consolidate yesterday's rest.

  4. Hi All
    I'm feeling a lot better now thanks. I look a bit scarred and scary but decided to go to work else am I going to be rich enough to give it away?

  5. Sorry you're under the weather. Have another mug of Horlicks. Your frequent reference to this delicious drink made me go and buy some. They were on special offer so I bought a jar to take to France, too. The taste takes me back to my childhood.

    Hope you soon feel better.